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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Excerpts from "Psychic Counseling" by Liz Hodgkinson

This is one of the best books psychics out there. If you have a chance, it is definitely worth checking out.

"People often think it must be wonderful to be psychic, to be able to read others like a book and foretell what is happening. In some ways, of course, it is. But sometimes, this clear sight can be a burden and a problem for those who possess it. It can often be a good thing not to see too much, not to know what is going on in people's minds. Would you really want to be bothered by all those discarnate entities on the astral plane trying to bend your ear and get a word in edgeways?

Throughout history, seers, soothsayers and clairvoyants have not had an easy time. As we have seen, it has frequently been their fate not to be believed, even when they knew for an absolute certainty what was going to happen. Greek myths are full of prophecies which cannot be circumvented and the tragedy always is that nobody heeds the warning. Or, if they listen to the oracle, they try not to take any notice of it. Not much has changed today..."

"Although very few people are highly powerful psychics, in the same way that very few are world-class concert pianists or famous artists, most of us have at least a degree of psychic ability. How accurate is yours? Answering the following questions will give you some idea as to how psychic you might be naturally:

-As a child, did you have an imaginary friend who was very real to you?
-Do you sometimes get a strong feeling when a friend or relative is about to phone, write or otherwise get in contact?
-Do you often know who is on the telephone before you pick up the receiver?
-Do you ever get strong sensations about a particular place or building?
-Could you hold a personal object in your hand, such as a ring or necklace, and 'read' the history of the owner from it?
-Have you ever had a strong premonition about something which is about to happen, whether for good or ill?
-Do there seem to be a lot of coincidences in your life that you cannot easily explain?
-Do you ever see auras or halos around people?
-Have you ever had the feeling that you have 'gone out', in some sense, of your body?
-Have you ever heard voices in your head telling you what to do?
-Have you ever had the feeling that somebody or something outside you is directing what you do?
-If a writer, painter or musician, do you sometimes get the feeling that an unseen hand is guiding you or that somebody is 'taking over' from you as you create?
-Do you ever get the feeling that some things are 'meant'?
-Does electrical equipment often go wrong around you?"....

Check out the book here !

California Psychics

There is a huge market for psychics in California. Perhaps it is because the population of that state tends to be among the most liberal people in the country. California psychics are very colorful people. Some might be dressed strange at first, but if you are able to talk to a California psychic, it is definitely worth it because many of them are totally legitimate. I had a personal experience with a California psychic that blew my mind. She was able to tell me original and personal things about my life in the past year as well as telling me what was going to happen in my life in the next six weeks. It blew my mind because I used to think that people outside of New Orleans didn't tap into their psychic abilities.

Don't go broke trying to use a California psychic, but if you are able to find one, it is definitely worth having a psychic reading done.

Take a psychic test!

This is a psychic test published on another website. It is by no means a definitive test. It is however one of the best tests out there for quickly knowing how in tuned you are at the moment to your psychic abilities.

Take a psychic ablity test now !

How do I recognize my psychic abilities?

A psychic is a person who has developed the use of his or her mind to a greater level.
Psychics are able to tell what is going to happen in the future and are able to look into past events and tell what "really happened". Being psychic can lead to a very fulfilling life, one in which the individual feels responsible for their own destiny, but it's important to always know that there is a higher power guiding everything, including our psychic skills.

Have you ever heard voices and there was nobody there? Have you ever felt chills or other strange sensations when walking into a room or enclosed space? If so, you are already experiencing psychic activity. You just need to tap into what the universe is trying to tell you.

Another psychic phenomenon that many people experience is the ability to tell who is at the door, or on the telephone. Psychics are able to transcend our perceptual reality and pick up on the true reality that is always present.

Many psychics recoginize their abilities because they started seeing flashes of light or even saw things moving out of the corner of their eyes. Psychics can pick up on the spiritual realm and sense the things that really make life work. People that are meant to develop their psychic abilities usually have an interest in the psychic world. Many times they find themselves drawn to certain books and movies on the subject.

Whatever the means, if you are one of the people that are meant to personify psychic abilities, it will happen.

How to develop psychic ablities and ESP

Growing up in New Orleans, the psychic and supernatural realm is something that we are taught is very real and includes us all. We are taught that all human beings can access these often hidden gifts and once the psychic ablilities are tapped into, a very prosperous life can be lived. The main psychic ability that has to be first tuned into to develop ESP is intiution.

Everyone has had moments in which it seemed an inner voice was trying to infleuence what goes on in the physical realm. Whether it is suddenly having the urge to look up just as one is crossing a busy street at the exact moment a speeding car would have probably hit them had they not looked up, or maybe it was a time when an inner voice was telling you not to go out with that new guy that you met at the supermarket. The key is learning to trust your intuition and respecting what it is trying to tell you.

The second main psychic ability that everyone has is the ability to put oneself in either the past or the future. Haven't you ever imagined what a particular historical event was like and was able to imagine things that you wouldn't have otherwise known unless you had read up on the subject? This same phenomenon happens when people try to think about what future events will be like as well.

This brings us to the third psychic ability that everyone has which is probably both the most used and unused psychic ability that we posess, imagination. Imagination is a tool that most of us take for granted. We seem to forget as we get older that a child's imagination creates their reality. This is true for older people as well. What we imagine will turn into our reality. As adults we typically reject this notion in favor of stressing over everyday life hoping that it will be what we want it to be. Once the power of imagination is harnessed, anything is possible.

Another psychic ability that we have is the ability to experience the other realms in the universe. Some people call these realms dimensions or parallel universes. These experiences usually happen when we are dreaming as sleep seems to really be a tool for us to exist in all realms at one time. We experience different realms all the time when we are asleep. We just call them dreams.

The key for developing your psychic abilities lies in your ability and willingness to reject the hinderances that this world puts on your mind. Once this is done, you will live a very fulfilled life and have psychic experiences all the time.