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Thursday, March 1, 2007

What do your dreams mean?

Dreams have long been a complex and mysterious part of human existence. Many different cultures have interesting meanings for dreams. In New Orleans the home of psychic phenomena, people are in tuned with the psychic messages that their dreams tell them. If someone dreams of fish, that means that someone close to that person is going to have a baby. Interestingly, if you dream of someone dying, that usually means the opposite.

There are all kinds of superstitions with dreams. Many people think that if you die in your dream you will die in real life. They believe that you can dream that you have been shot but as long as you wake up before you actually die in your dream, you will be fine.

The best advice in interpreting your own dreams is simply to rely on your intuition. If you have a general feeling of dread after you dream something bad, you should probably be concerned. Hopefully there will be something that you can do to prevent what happened in the dream from coming true in this realm. If you dream something good is going to happen, have faith that it will happen and chances are, it will.